N20 engine swap

image Ok I was a busy boy today,,,,I dropped that N20 motor and trans today,,,,I got the new motor today,,,,got the motor in 1 day because there was only one N20 engine in all of America ,,,,,so we got a rush on it before someone else got the engine.image This motor is very easy to remove,,,plenty of room in the engine compartment,,,,,hopefully I can do the job in the aloud factory time limit of 16 hour,,,,,today of 6 hours of work,,,,I removed the engine and trans,,,removed the old engine,,,swapped over the new engine,,,,and swapped over the intake manifold,alternator,a/c compressor and starter motor,,,,tomorrow hopefully I can finish it,,,,that would be nice,,,,,what to get done with this motor.

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18 Responses to N20 engine swap

  1. ninja_zx11 says:

    Good work my friend!!


  2. An Lam says:

    did you have to calibrate the ecu for the new engine? I did an N20 swap on an F10 body and I can’t get the engine to start. It fouls plugs almost immediately


    • No you don’t have to calibrate the dome for a new engine,,,,but did you calibrate the fuel injector for each cylinder.


      • An Lam says:

        yes, I calibrated each injector, but it still won’t start. The plugs still foul out very quickly. it sounds like it wants to start and immediately shuts off. I’ve even put new injectors with new plugs and still fouls out very quickly. Before the original engine died, the computer went into limp mode and transmission is stuck in neutral. would that prevent the new engine from starting?


      • Yes that could cause the problem,,,why is the dme in limp mode and trans in neutral


      • An Lam says:

        I assumed the dme was in limp mode because the old engine died. Oil pimp chain broke and caused the engine to overheat and through a rod. Can it be cleared with the DIS tool or do I need to go to the dealer?


      • You should be able to clear it


  3. Lenny says:

    Is it an AWD chassis? Because KSD allocates almost 50 hours to engine r/r procedure in 328xi/528xi


    • KSD only 16 hours for N20 engine swap,,,AWD can’t be that much more,,,,I don’t know anything that pays 50 hours,,,I rebuilt a N56 with a new block and pistons and swap over crankshaft only pays me 26 hours


  4. UltimateDrivingMachine says:

    Hello BMW tech. I recently read an article that made me kind of mad. It was an article about engine reliability and engine failures. The article was fairly new too. It ranked BMW as the 2nd to last in engine failures. I thought BMW engines were pretty reliable and made to drive hard? How reliable is the N51/N52 engine in your experience? How many miles do they usually last? Thank you for your input as always!


  5. UltimateDrivingMachine says:

    Good to know the engine is reliable. What do you think about the GM transmissions on the 328i coupes? Are they reliable?


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