N63 oil burning signs

image Here’s a picture of N63 both catalytic converters ,,,,,as you can see the one for bank 2 is all black inside,,,,the black color is actually oil burning,,,,you can also see it inside the exhaust manifold.image Now here the picture of both turbos,,,,you can also see which turbo goes where,,,,,the one on the left side is bank 2 where the oil is burning,,,,,looks like the valve stem seals on bank 2 are leaking pretty bad,

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4 Responses to N63 oil burning signs

  1. a.a. says:

    and these bad valve stem seals is quite apart from any requirement of the customer care package to address, correct?


  2. ben says:

    how often do you see bad turbos on the n63? also usually at what milage? I just had my valve seals replaced + carbon blasted the intakes under warranty but I don’t know if they checked the turbos


    • We have only seen a couple turbos go bad,,,I’ve seen 2 turbos where the turbine fins get damaged,,,,and I’ve seen a couple that were burning some oil.,,,that’s about it.


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