Radio push buttons cracking

image Ok here is your typical BMW radio and a/c control panel,,,,this one is from a 2015 2 series,,,,,you probably can’t tell from this picture but there is a problem.image Can you see it now,,,,the small cracks on the preset button,,,,doesn’t look like customer abused it,,,,they just started cracking all the buttons on the radio.image We are starting to see this more often,,,,it’s the same panel on all the 2 and 3 series cars,,,,,these panel are real easy to take out and replace,,,it takes about 15 minutes,,,,and no programming needed the best part.

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7 Responses to Radio push buttons cracking

  1. oasis says:

    My wife leaves scratches/cracks like that around the door handle of her car. Wicked bad scratches on the piano by my neighbor, she has long finger nails. The scratches look like cracks by the way. LoL!


  2. kr4va says:

    worrisome about BMW quality, from my exp this means sub par material or process, possibly using scrap regrind plastic in the molding process. ie not virgin material .HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS IN AUTOMOTIVE interior PARTS and ive been around a long time.


    • I agree,,,I have seen another one last week same kind of cracks,,,in my 29 years working with BMW ,Mercedes,and Porsche ,,,it has to be the plastic recycling or the plastic is to thin.


  3. Halil says:

    This is really disappointing. I have recently noticed cracks on my new BMW 430 radio buttons with 2,000 miles on the clock. Looking at various forums this seems to be a common thing since 2013 !! What is bmw doing not sorting this out for years!!! I have not taken it to bmw yet but will do. If they do not sort it out under warranty asap there will be trouble. What is there to say that the replacements wont crack ?


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