F30 328 cracked headlight

image Ok we are going to keep on the same subject,,,,things cracking,,,or more stupid customer,,,,I don’t know which one yet,,,,,I know exciting picture of a F30 328 front headlight,,,,customer complaining about the headlight is cracking,,,,,and that it is a defect.image After looking over the car some more,,,,I noticed the front of the car has been repainted,,,,also the front headlight was pushed in right in the middle of the cracks,,,,,causing the lens to spider web like cracking.image The customer wanted it replaced under BMW warranty,,,,he wasn’t happy about that,,,,you could feel the cracks with your finger nail,,,,they we not from the inside of the lens,,,,found out his car insurance wouldn’t replace it after the accident ,,,,,so he was trying to get BMW to replace it free of charge,,,,,I just hate when people do that,,,,I will help out people when I can ,,,,,but sometimes BMW will kick the claim and then are dealer has to pay for it and we lose money,,,,,,and nobody likes to lose money.

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