N51 starter motor

image Here a N51 on a E60 that decided to not start ,no crank and battery voltage is good,,,found starter motor inop. image This I how we replace the starter motor,,,,you just loosen the intake manifold,,,,release the fuel line and some connectors,,,,you  have to release the intake pipe,,,,you remove the intake pipe.image And you pull it back at a angle to gain access to the starter motor,,,,now it’s a tight fit and your arm might get scratched up a little from the tight fit ,,,but it can be done,,,,time is money when your a BMW tech.

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4 Responses to N51 starter motor

  1. Amit sekhon says:

    Thanks for giving us an idea!!


  2. a.a. says:

    I bet you can use the same method on an M54 e60, right?
    Could have saved me a bunch of time a few years back lol.
    Live and learn.


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