nvld pressure regulator and dust filter

image Ok this is a picture of the charcoal canister system with the nvld pressure regulator,,,,I’m a lot of you have had this problem if you have a newer BMW,,,,this newer system with the nvld pressure sensor has been a problem since day one,,,,,and BMW still  doesn’t know what the fix is at this time,,,,the fault is 190302 minor leak in fuel tank system.  image So we have decided to do is replace the nvld pressure regulator and the dust filter,,,,this picture is the new nvld and dust filter on the right side,,,,the dust filter attaches to the nvld pressure regulator,,,,BMW thinks the filter gets dirty and some dirt gets into the system causing problems,,,,I have replaced  these parts several times and the car still comes back with the same faults a couple of days later,,,,at the point I  put a new charcoal canister in the car,,,,and that sometimes fixes the problem,,,this is a bad design by BMW end,,,,and they don’t know how to fix it,,,,they first thought it was the nvld pressure regulator,,,,so they updated it with a newer part number,,,,but we have seen those fail several times,

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4 Responses to nvld pressure regulator and dust filter

  1. tad says:

    what are the fault codes you get?


  2. Fred says:

    Are you still working? I hope you are well after all of this crap we’ve been put through.
    Are these still a problem for BMW? I have one in the shop now 2018 G01 B46 and there is definitely not a leak that I can find! Thanks!


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