F10 antenna diversity

  • image This is a picture of the antenna diversity on a F10,,,,the antenna diversity is sitting just behind the third brake light,,,,on some other cars it sit inside the rear trunk area or on the rear trunk inside lid,,,,the customer was complaining about both key remotes won’t lock or unlock the car,,,,and the car will not Identify the key remote,,,,the only way to start the car was to hold the key remote up to the side of the steering column,,,,during the test I first tried new key remote battery,,,that didn’t work to easy,,,,tried BMW test plan and they said both key remotes were bad,,,,will I thought what are the chances both key remotes are bad at the same time,,,,not likely,,,,while holding the key remote up to the steering column the keys would identify the VIN number of the car,,,,,so I knew the key remotes were good and the CAS was ok,,,I had a antenna issue,,,I checked the interior antenna which is behind the ashtray,,,,,that was ok,,,,I finally tried a new antenna diversity which controls all the smaller antennas and sends the signal to the CAS and the JBE units,,,,good new no programming or encoding for this unit,,,,,just plug and play.
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7 Responses to F10 antenna diversity

  1. Olaf Vogt says:

    Thanks for the hint where the diversity antenna (I always thought, it was more an antenna amplifier, correct?) is located. I´m quite sure it´s responsible for my issues regarding my not working key remotes.
    But how did you check the “ashtray antenna”?
    And do I have to to remove the batterie before installing the new diversity antenna?

    Thanks for you reply in advance



  2. Breaking says:

    Hello ,
    I am having the same issue ,tried replacing the diversity antenna ,tried replacing the inner antenna in central console to no avail …could you please guide me in the right direction ? There is no fault code in CAS …my car is bmw f10 525D 2011


    • Question,,,do you have the same problem with both key remotes,,,also can you start the car by holding the key remote to the steering column,,,,,you could have a bad key remote,,,,,we need to know if the CAS see the car VIN when trying to start it.


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