X5 rear airbag leaking

image See those little white dots,,,,those are on a X5 E70 right rear airbag,,,those are the leaks I found,image here a better picture,,,customer said the right rear suspension starts to sag when parked for a short time,,,,so I took some soap water and sprayed down the airbags,,,,sometime this works,,,,it’s a 50% chance that you find a leak,,,but I got lucky on this one,,,,I have also seen the airline to the airbag start to leak,,,also the valve on the air pump has leaked,,,,when that leaks the both rear airbags will lose air pressure.

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2 Responses to X5 rear airbag leaking

  1. a.a. says:

    Is it a similar setup in the rear of the 750Li?
    No repair, just replace, right?


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