Update N20 timing chain

image Here is a better picture of the damaged chain rail.image Here you could clearly see the broken pieces,,,with the broken piece it wouldn’tclip together causing a timing chain rattle noise.

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203 Responses to Update N20 timing chain

  1. Michael Price says:

    So I had the timing chain replaced in my car and got it back today. It has not power and is throwing 3 codes, they are P13C9, P052B, and P13C0. Any advice on what would be causing this?


  2. Mark Andrei Kamner says:

    Hi, ive got a ’13 328 xdrive. Im attempting a timing chain replacement, and oil pump replacement. Does the oil pump come with the counterbalance shafts? and do i have to set the backlash on a new oil pump assembly? thanks so much for you help


  3. Gen Kimura says:

    Mine broke at 76,000 mile! The rail shuttered and lost power while driving at 40 mph.


  4. Master says:

    The one thing I can’t understand is why the oil pressure sensor doesn’t detect that the oil pressure is to low when the plastic pieces comes in to the oil pump inlet? Why the oil pressure warning comes only after the engine is destroyed? why not immediately just after the plastic pieces comes into the oil pump ?


  5. Elnur says:

    Hi everyone, I have a 2014 production 428i N26 engine (80k miles). I have read a lot on the failure timing chain (rails). I’ll replace all of the require components (updated timing chain, oil pump chain, and rails. Since I will do such a maintenance, should I also the change the rod bearings or not necessary?


  6. John says:

    Do you think it is safe to buy a 2013 X1 (E84) that has 120k?


  7. Jim Baker says:

    I have found a very interesting video that says that the culpert in the timing chain failure is the HPFP. Basically he claims that fuel leaks from the seal of the HPFP into the oil which thins the oil down which in turn results in poor lubrication and chain stretching. This would explain a lot. Here is the link

    The title is about the porsche macan but listen to the whole viideo and he talks about the BMW hpfp also.


    • Thanks for the video,,,that a interesting idea,,,,I have seen the HPFP leak into the engine and cause the oil to be diluted,,,,but I have yet to see one with a bad timing chain and the oil was diluted with fuel,,,,I’m not saying it’s possible but I haven’t seen that yet and cause a timing chain issue.,,,,anything is possible


      • Jim Baker says:

        What is weird about the timing chain issue is that it seems to be without a pattern or a typical millage that it occurs. Is there an simple way to check to see if the chain is getting more slack? I talked to our local BMW dealer and they say that they aren’t getting as many cars in for timing chains as they used to. I don’t know if people are going elsewhere to get it done or that they aren’t stretching as much


      • There’s no simple way to test the timing chain issue,,,the dealer can run a timing chain test which might help you,,,,but that test isn’t always correct.,,the other problem is that the timing chain rails start to come apart which you can not see.


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