Muffler rattle

this little sound clip is something maybe some of you have heard,,,,but maybe not,,,,this is a rattle noise coming from the exhaust system,,,,there is a metal spring clip that breaks and causes the metal flap inside the muffler tip to flap around and cause this rattling noise.image Here is the metal spring clip,,,,it is attached to a electric motor that opens and closes that flap inside the muffler tip,,,,and for some reason sometimes that metal spring clip breaks,,,,so we just put a new one back on and the noise goes away,,,,now some of you may have heard a rattle noise from your muffler tip during cold start,,,now that muffler flap is differs,,,that one is vacuum controlled and on that one,,,,the flap inside the muffler goes bad and rattles in the morning,,,,so to fix the vacuum controlled one,,,,we replace the rear muffler section.

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10 Responses to Muffler rattle

  1. a.a. says:

    i believe the 3 series is vacuum operated because I’ve indeed had that one go on me.
    Is the 750 Li vacuum or electric?


  2. This is some really good information about mufflers. I like that you explained that the rattling noise could be created because a spring clip has come loose. It seems like it would be smart to take your car into an auto shop if it is making any sort of odd noise.


  3. ryan says:

    hi, Lately I Have Been Hearing this rattle coming from the exhaust

    i checked the car in many places and no errors at all , engine is running perfect nothing is effected by this issue and you can hear it only when i’m revving and after driving it minimum 20 minutes so at cold start when i rev the engine i cant hear anything

    it’s very wired cause when i’m revving the engine after 20 minutes of driving you can hear it

    but if i wait 5 minutes the rattle goes away and on cold start everything is just perfect also when driving i never hear anything

    i will be so glad if you can help on this


    • Thanks for the video,,,,,,sounds like a exhaust rattle of a heat shield rattling,,,,,you need to lift up the car and have some one inside the car reving it while you are under the car looking for the rattle noise.


  4. ryan says:

    thanks a lot man, i did so and they found that the rattle coming from the muffler (this silver box at the end of the car )
    what could it be ? and why when i’m driving i don’t hear anything? only hear it after driving it directly and revv ? if i wait 5 minutes rattle is gone ?


  5. ryan says:

    can i drive the car normally with this thing ?


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