E60 rear trunk harness damage

image Sorry guys,,,I haven’t posted anything for awhile,,,,been busy with college graduation and Mother’s Day,,,,also work has been very slow,,,,so ther hasn’t been any real good work,,,which means low hours as a tech and no money,,,,That’s part of working in the automotive industry,,,,,here’s a E60 with rear trunk latch and taillight problems,,,,,found some short circuit faults in trunk latch.image So first thing is check the harness where the hinge is and where the harness folds or moves the most,,,,I traced it to the right rear side,,,,BMW seems to always run the harness on the right rear side of the trunk,,,,maybe because the battery is on that side,,,,found broken wiring harness and cut wiring,,,,repairs are splice and cut in new wiring,,,,,or replace the whole rear trunk harness,,,,which is a lot of money,,,,,customer just wanted to splice in new wiring section.

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