Z8 nice car

  • image look what came in to the shop today,,,,we don’t see these to often,,,this one is really pretty only 15k miles,,,customer does not what the car parked outside in the sun at anytime,,,,so we keep inside at all time,,,,we can’t even park it outside,,,,but we understand this is his baby.image The dash is so simple but elegant,,,I love steering wheel with all the spokes,,,,this was one of the first push button starts for BMW I believe,,,,you had to turn the key into the on position and the push a button to start,,,,these are a really fun car to drive,,,with the V8 M engine and manual gearbox,,,,I’ll never forget the time I saw two Z8 at a gas station in bakerfields and one of them his car wouldn’t start,,,,,I told him I was a master BMW tech and I would help,,,,his wife and friends in the other Z8 were happy to see me,,,I checked out the car and noticed the battery was still original and had no voltage,,,,I told him we can just jump start the car and get it started so they wouldn’t be stuck at the gas station in the 100 degree temperature,,,,his wife and friends in the other Z8 were excited,,,,but the owner of the car didn’t want me to help,,,,he wanted his car towed to the dealer in Bakersfield,,,,I told him we can get it started and he can drive it to the dealer,,,he wanted to wait for the tow truck,,,his wife got so mad at him,,,,I just left them there waiting for the tow truck,,,lol
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