F10 DMTL pump and dust filter

image This is the charcoal canister and daylight pump and filter,,,,location inside right rear wheel well area,,,,customer said check engine light on 2012 F10 535,,,,found DMTL leakage fault,,,,I performed the DMTL leakage test,,,,no leaks found.image I also smoke tested the system. checking for any leaks,,,,no leaks found,,,I then removed the charcoal canister and DMTL pump,,,,noticed how dirty the charcoal canister is.image I then removed the DMTL pump and dust filter,,,,notice how dirty the filter is.image Here’s a better

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22 Responses to F10 DMTL pump and dust filter

  1. Long Chau says:


    I’m looking to replace my dmtl pump on my f10. Any info on how I can access the area?


  2. Mark fernandes says:

    I am getting a P0456 code on 2012 f10 ( 528i)is this related to DMTL pump issue


    • I’m sorry I don’t use the P Codes,,,,,I just know the BMW codes,,,,I did read up on-line about P Codes,,,,Code 0456 sound like a gas tank venting leak,,,,your car might have a Dmtl or a nvld system,,,,your car came with either one,,,,,it hard to tell until you remove the left rear wheel and wheel well liner to see which system you have.,,,,sorry I couldn’t help you on this problem


      • Mark fernandes says:

        I will try to get the codes also if it does have he DMTL pump what do i do does it just need a cleaning or what parts do i need to replace and is the same thing called purge valve ??


      • If you have a Dmtl pump,,,,their is the Dmtl pump and the purge valve which is in the engine compartment,,,,,Dmtl pump is in the right rear wheel well,,,,if you have a nvld it’s also in the right rear wheel well


  3. Can you please recommend a BMW diagnostic scanner tool that will read BMW codes or both P codes and BMW codes i.e brand and model


  4. Eugene says:

    Does 2013 535xi comes in 2 styles, DMTL and NVLD or just one? I need to replace the Pressure Switch, Leak Detection due to Fuel Small Leak and want to know if there are more than one kind. The http://www.realoem.com states that the part was updated to a different one. Do you know if this is Plug-and-Play or additional items need replacing? Thank you


    • You just have one,,,,either dmtl or NVLD you should have a NVLD,,,,when replacing the NVLD pressure switch also replace the dust filter with it,,,,it is all plug and play and clear faults


      • Eugene says:

        Will do. Thank you for a quick reply.


      • Eugene says:

        One clarification required. In your description above you are stating Right and Left Rear Tires. in previous models (E36, E46) the purge valve located behind Passenger Rear Tire. Does F10 location the same or it has been moved behind Driver’s Rear Tire? Thank you


      • Passengers side rear tire wheel well,,,,remove the right rear tire and the plastic liner


  5. Manni says:

    I’m getting fault code 190404 (P1434). I was doing research and found it has to do with DMTL pump. Not sure if I should replace it.


    • Ok first things what year and what model car do you have,,,,and yes you should fix it,,,,,depending on the year car and model you either have dmtl pump or you have NVLD pressure sensor should be replaced depending on year and model


      • Manni says:

        Thanks for the reply! I have 2011 535 X-drive. As per fault code description I found online it has to do with DMTL pump or DMTL wiring. Should I try replacing DMTL pump first? Plus last year my local BMW service center told me my Charcoal Canister is breaking apart as they found some charcoal traces. I’m planning to change Charcoal canister too, do you think there is need to replace canister? Do they ever go bad? How hard or easy is it to replace it myself at home for being a newbie?


  6. Hi- I’m getting a code P2421 Evap Emissions system vent valve stuck open. The recommended fix is the EVAP emissions system canister. What that be this part? 2011 BMW 535XI F10

    Thank you!

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  7. Rob Minucci says:

    Hi- I’m getting code P2421 Evap emissions system vent valve stuck open. Would replacing the pump and dust filter part fix that? Thank you in advance.

    2011 BME 535xi


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