E46 M3 Gertrag trans and clutch

image Ok eat your hearts out E46 M3 guy’s,,,,Gertrag Manuel 6 speed transmission,,,,customer complained about grinding into gear,,,,especially in the upper gears,,,,test drove vehicle,,,,noticed it was stiff to get into gear,,,,kind  of  ratchety feeling,,,,like you can feel the transmission synchro jamming,,,,,not letting you shift smoothly,,,,so customer decided to replace the transmission,,,,,it feels like Christmas with all these great boxes of parts to open up sometimes.,,,,lol.image Here’s the customers old clutch disc,,,the transmission and original clutch has 95k miles on it,,,,there was still some meat on the clutch disc,,,this customer knew how to drive stick shift  ,,,,it’s nice to see the clutch still in good shape.image Here the original dual mass flywheel,,,,notice the flywheel still looks bran new,,,,no hot spots,,,no burn marks,,,no clutch chatter marks,,,,this customer knew how to drive a Manuel transmission.image Here some more presents,,,,customer is also replacing the whole clutch package,,,this is always the fun part of my job,,,,I always enjoy replacing a clutch and transmission.image Customer went all out on this one,,,,a new dual mass flywheel,,,,so shiny,,,,,customer must really love his car,,,,I like jobs like this,,,,everything bran new,,,this makes my job real easy.,,,,when you replace these clutches you just have to drive easy for the first 500 miles to break in the clutch.

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