F12 LED Cornering module

 image F12 2014 right side headlight removed,,,customer said right side turning light malfunction,,,,checked and found several faults for right side turning light,,,,checked operation and function test,,,found turning Cornering LED light was malfunctioning.image This is the whole headlight removed,,,,you have to loosen the right side of the front bumper and pull it away about 3 to 4 inches to snake out the whole headlight.image See that little rectangular piece inside the corner of the headlight,,,,that is the LED cornering module,,,,you have to unbolt it from the headlight with 3 screws and replace it with the new one.image Here is the old one one the right and the new one,,,,as you can see the LED is complete with a module and cooling fins,,,there sure is a lot that goes into these LED lights,,,,the good thing no programming for the module,,,,just plug and play.

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10 Responses to F12 LED Cornering module

  1. Tester says:



  2. berti says:

    hllo i have a bmw f12 with led headlights, when i turns the switch once the rings light on, when i turn switch 2 times the leaft headlight wont work , can u tell me what the name of this module is and where i can find it on the headlight please


    • The headlight module is located at the rear of the headlight,,,,you have to remove the wheel well liner,,,,and you will see two small torque screws holding the module in place,,,,take out the screws and the module just slides out,,,,it’s a really tight fit,,,,some times they won’t come out


  3. bert says:

    hello can u help me please i have bmw f12 full adaptive led. when i turn my stearing wheel to the right the left headlight goes out. the led rings are ok. when i put car in reverse it goes off. when i pull to times high beam the left led goes back on. but i have tested manually i removed the cap behind end wheni turn the mechanic inside to the right it goes off inlidiatly, so i have bought the module that goes on the bottom and bmw specialst has programed it, but still same problem can it be the LED Cornering light module, left that gives this faults because i am now 4 months with this problem.


  4. Ben says:

    HI there, i have the F06 and it keep coming with this error, Dipped Beam Left Failure. is this due to the cornering module? if yes replacing that part should fix that? or is there more to it? thanks in advance


    • Hi,,,it could be the headlight module,,,it could also be water damage inside the headlight or the connector could be corrosion.,,,your best way is have the dealer or a good independent shop perform a test on the adaptive headlights to see what is and isn’t working.


  5. kk says:

    I have a 2013 f01 with left turn signal malfunction. Unable to teach in led due to error fault in tms. TMS, turn signal and led modules in lh headlight already have been replaced and coded. Tried initialize headlight then teach in. Left turn signal led flashes once during teach in then aborted due to fault in tms. Ista was able to communicate with modules. Defective tms? What else should I look into?


    • You could have a problem with the whole headlight internally,,,but what I would do is swap the right and left headlight complete assembly and let them just lay on the car and see if the left turn signal still malfunction or did it follow the original left headlight,,,if it followed the original headlight then you can parts swap other headlight to see if the fault changes


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