X3 GM module

image This is behind the glovebox on a 2008 X3,,,the customer said the windows,door locks and sunroof would not operate,,,,she couldn’t unlock the doors,,,only manually with the key,,,,I scanned the car and found no communication to the GM module,,,General Module,,,,,so I gained access by removing the glove box,,,,I then unplugged the three connectors on the GM module and reconnected all the connector,,,the GM module woke up and started to work again.image You can barely see the GM module the big black plug in the middle is part of the GM module,,,,the GM module sits in a plastic tray which just slides out,,,,you have to lower the plastic tray to get it to slide out past the metal brace bracket for the glovebox,,,,,after replacing it you have to program and encode the module,,,,also you have to set up Car Key Memory,,,,and initialize the window for one touch and key remote again,,,,you lose all that when you replace the GM module.

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