I3 tow hitch

image I know I just had to post this picture,,,,I couldn’t believe it when I saw this,,,,yes it’s a I3 with a tow hitch,,,,yes a tow hitch,,,,I have know I idea what he is towing,,,,I didn’t even think you could do that,,,,I hope it’s just for a fancy bike rake.image As they say if there’s a will there’s a way,,,,and I guess he found a way to have he tow hitch put on.

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2 Responses to I3 tow hitch

  1. lukafoto says:

    Not a good idea if not recommended by OEM. I’ve also seen roof racks on i3 ‘s ! Audi A2 had the option onto beefed up ally chassis but the eco variant (1.2 TDI) it was not allowed! http://www.autointell.com/News-2001/May-2001/May-2001-4/May-23-01-p8.htm


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