X5 diesel pre heater module

image Ok you diesel lovers,,,2012 X5 diesel,,,,check engine light intermittently,,,,,checked for faults,,,,found several faults for pre heater module,,,there was no LIN bus signal from the pre heater module,,,,the pre heater module is for the glow plugs,,,it gives power to the glow plugs to help start ups.image To gain access to the pre heater module,,,you must remove the intake manifold,,,,removing the intake manifold on a diesel looks harder then it really is,,,,it’s pretty basic to remove,,,,just some electrical plugs that can be a bitch sometimes.image Ok removing the intake manifold was the easy part,,,,the hard part is trying to unbolt and remove and unplug the connectors on the pre heater module,,,,,ok I know you can see there heater module in this picture,,,it’s there right in front of you,,,,this is BMW joke to the BMW tech,,,,try and find it and try and replace it if you can,,,,the module is underneath all those vacuum lines and coolant lines and wiring harness,,,,lol.image Here is what the pre heater module looks like ,,,unplugging the two connector is a bitch because they point downward and you can only get to them from the top of the engine,,,,almost every BMW tech jokes about this module and the stupid location,,,,this module can also fault one glow plug no working,,,some people have replaced a faulty glow plug,,,,thinking that would fix the problem,,,,when actually the pre heater module is the problem,,,,the module will short out 1 glow plug.

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2 Responses to X5 diesel pre heater module

  1. Simon says:

    And the funny thing is that BMW describes that the module can be changed when the intake manifold is mounted. Did this a several times. It is possible but you will brake your fingers an loose the skin from your hand. It is a good deal to change glow plugs and the module at once.


    • Oh yea,,,I have done it also cursing up a storm,,,,you work blindly and tearing skin off your hands,,,lol,,,,I also replace the glow plugs with the intake manifold removed or pull it back.,,,,some of BMW ideas are funny sometimes.


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