N63TU vent pipe hoses

image Ok I know I’ve talked about this before,,,,but we are seeing more of these as problems,,,,2014 N63tu the second generation twin turbo V8 engines,,,,there is oil on top of the engine,,,,and is coming from the cheap plastic vent pipes,,,,that break or crack due to the heat from the twin turbos.image Some time you don’t even see the stupid crack,,,,sometime you just see oil or yo hear a whilsting noise from the engine at idle,,,,this vent pipe can cause a lean mixture fault.image Here are the updated vent pipe,,,,they updated to new rubber hoses,,,,hopefully they last longer then the plastic ones,,,,,also they should crack like the plastic one,,,,have your dealer check these hose out next time your in for service.

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25 Responses to N63TU vent pipe hoses

  1. Simon says:

    Very good to see that BMW changed the part. Do you know if the part was also reworked for the 2011 V8 Engine?

    Thank you!


    • Sorry to say no they didn’t,,,,that’s why BMW had that customer care package to replace those for the customer,,,,,but no they didn’t change the design or the bad plastic.


  2. Justin says:

    Do you think this can be retrofitted into the n63? I had my vent pipes replaced TWICE in 6 months…


    • I already thought about that,,,,,sorry but no,,,,what happened did your crack again,,,,,they should not crack after 6 month,,,,,something must have caused it to cracked.


  3. Warren says:

    Really scary as a current owner, it doesn’t really look so difficult to replace them,though. I have a CPO until next year but I believe CPO doesn’t cover any rubber or plastic parts. Thanks for posting!


  4. TC says:

    Is there anything else that should be checked, cleaned or replaced when these hoses fail? If they fail and the engine consumes a large quantity of oil thinking there might have other implications but have been told it should just “burn off”.


  5. Pieter says:

    Thank you for your post. It helped me get to the problem quickly. My 2013 F07 started developing a rough idle with the P0170 code this weekend. Heard a sound at idle I thought was accessory belt noise (its recently gotten cold outside), but it turns out that it was the connecting pipe completely broken in to two pieces just above the turbo’s (the plastic is so brittle, it crumbles under the slightest pressure), Parts are on order. Do you by chance have torque specs for the four bolts? I can’t find anything online. Thanks again


  6. Perry says:

    My car is 2014 x5 50i, build date is April 2014. Do you think I have the updated version or the old version? It’s almost out of warranty, but can I ask the dealer to replace it even though there are no problems currently?

    Thank you!


    • The dealer will only replace it only if it is bad,,,,,I don’t know which vent pipes you have on your car without looking at the car.


      • Perry says:

        Thanka for getting me back, If I remove the engine cover, will I see those vemting pipes? Any way to avoid the failure If I drive carefully?

        In you opinion, How’s the reliability regarding to the late build 2014 X5 50i? I only put 8-9k miles per year on it, Is it safe to own it for another 5 years without warranty? Any common issues Like air suspension, soft door close failure etc.? Any major bills I may expecting.?

        Really appreciate your help.


  7. Simon says:

    Hi, have a 2011 N63 with exhaust smell over the turbo from bank 1. Where do you see the problem, sealings from the turbo or deeper at the exhaust manifold?

    Thank you!


  8. Bryan bolden says:

    Where can I buy the replacement hoses at


  9. Trevor says:

    Why is there oil in the vent pipe…is this normal…can they add an oil catch can?


  10. Kris says:


    Is this something that can be DIY? Or lots of disassembly required?

    Thank you

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  11. Elio Marcigliano says:

    I would like to here thoughts on my predicament. I have a 2013 BMW 750LI N63TU. the car has 140000 miles. Always serviced at the dealer it was bought from new. I was always told the car is running great with no issues. About 2 months ago the ” DriveTrain Malfunction code came up and I took it in for service. I was told it had to do with the coolant hoses for the turbos and so they were all replaced. The tech took the car for a drive to make sure all was ok and the motor locked up. I asked if it was possible to download what happened to the engine from the computer and was told there was no data that was of any importance. I find that hard to believe. I am wondering if there is anything I can do? I have been doing some research about the N63TU engine and i have been reading about very angry owner that have the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • There has to be a reason it locked up,,,,and there should be some kind of faults that would show what happened,,,I would ask to see what faults came up,,,you have the right to see the faults,,,,the motor doesn’t lock up for no reason.


      • Elio Marcigliano says:

        I was told that they pulled the oil pan and found pieces of the timing chain. I asked to see what codes the engine threw from the point of lock up and back a few minutes hours days whatever to see how it was running. They told me the codes don’t exist and the only codes they did show me confirmed engine lock up.


  12. Elio Marcigliano says:

    The car was $138,000 new. I would guess it has more sensors than the space shuttle.


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