F10 I-Drive controller

image F10 center consul removal,,,customer spilled something on the center consul killing the I-drive controller,,,,you first remove the cover for the 2 button for the storage compartment doors,,,,underneath the cover is 2 screws,,,,remove the 2 screws,,,,then take a plastic bone and pop up the wood panel,,,,there are 4 clips holding it in place,,,,2 clips on each side.image Here it is lifted up,,,,you an lift it up pretty high,,,makes it easy to unplug the connectors.imageplenty of room to get to everything.image Here the whole center consul wood trim removed,,,even the ashtray came out on this model.image Just turn it over and unscrew the 3 screws holding it in place,,,,don’t over tighten them ,,,,they will strip out easily,,,you still have to encode and program the i-drive controller.

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2 Responses to F10 I-Drive controller

  1. Iggy brevet says:

    Dear Friend.
    About two weeks ago the same happened to me after a non carefully placed glass of soda in the cup holders.
    Of course after a bump everything went on top of the controller and i inmediatelly stoped and try to dryed as fast i could.

    At this point the unit didnt stop working at all so i thought “dammn those bmw designers are clever people so this unit must be or got at least some kinda waterproof” …… yeah right.

    After a few minutes the unit went off and the “powertrain failure started showing up and olso the day after the “trans..malfunction” then no foward only moves i think from 3rd to 4th and reverse is kinda ok. Also manually on DS could not shift nothing manually and made noices from the back axle making the car shakinghard.

    How this is possible on a 528i F10 2011 N52B30AF euro version??
    Is this controller so important that makes all this failures possible??

    bmw having The cup holder next to this high sensitive electronics command is very stupid…dont you think?


    Psd. (Now im looking for the part back ordered and hope that makes everything work fine)


    • It sound like it also got into the GWS unit,,,,the shifter which would cause a drivetrain malfunction ,,,,you also have the parking brake switch,,,,I know not the best design,,,,but as history has it,,,,German cars never came with cup holder because the Germans believed in the driving experience ,,,,then the Americans with the big gulp drinks wanted cup holder so the Germans decided to put cup holder in the car.


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