BMW B58 turbo

image Ok here we go again,,,this is a new turbo off the new B58 6 cylinder engine,,,you can see the the new turbo is a different design,,,the exhaust manifold is redesigned with the flexible pipe,,,,the exhaust gasket is now a metal gasket,,,,no more of those round slip on gasket donuts,,,slipping in the metal gasket is easier,,,,and removing the turbo is easy on a 5 series.image The reason for replacing the turbo,,,is customer said check engine light was on,,,,low boost faults,,,found the waste gate lever on the turbo was jamming up,,,,causing a turbo boost problem.image You can see there was a lot of room to remove the turbo from the top of the engine.image Here’s the redesigned catalytic converter,,,this one is more straight and a lot longer then the older ones,,,,also the opening is a lot bigger then the older one.image You can see how big it is,,,,and the exhaust goes straight into the catalytic converter.image Here another thing about this new b58 engine,,,we have new ignition coils,,,we went to one that look like Honda or Toyota type ignition coil,,,will see how they last,,,,I hope they are better then the last one we had,,,,,lol

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12 Responses to BMW B58 turbo

  1. kr4va says:

    re; coils, i hear bmw replaces lots of coils, my 328 had all fail at 38k, why why, i emailed usa bmw and told them i wanted to audit the supplier and they no respond.ha


    • Lol,,,Good luck on that,,,,I think the problem is the design,,,,the coils get so hot sitting inside the valve cover,,,,the new ignition coils have a metal sleeve around them for the heat


  2. Rey says:

    I have the B58 engine in my 440ix. At 12’000 miles the coolant water level was low, had to add 0.5 liter of water. Car is under warranty, so went to BMW dealer, they made some tests but did not find anything obvious. Now BMW told them to replace the turbocharger, as they think the small leak could come from there. Are there any known problems with the turbo on the B58 engine? Or with the coolant water level in general?


  3. smith says:

    Any idea if it will work with the e9x n55 series?


  4. John says:

    Hello i have been experiencing beeping noise from b58 engine on my 340 . the beeping is always there while engine running and still there for 20 seconds after turning off the engine .. appreciate if you can help

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  5. John says:

    b58 engine beeping .. i have been experiencing beeping from the engine while running and beep still there after turning off the engine does it sound normal ?

    thank you

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  6. Dan says:

    I had my b58 on 2016 340 replaced under warranty for a metallic flutter at lower rpm during partial throttle at 30,000km. Only noticeable while passenger window down and driving next to a barrier. Bmw said the wastegate was acting up. Its 10,000km later and its back and im out of warranty. Is this common? Whats the best way to fix it ive been looking for exhaust manifolds cause I’m thinking its just the waste gate flapper.


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