E90 rear window regulator

image Rear window regulator inop,,,,E90 the typical broken cable,,,,yes if this happens you might have to cut the cable so you can free  up the window glass.image Here you can see part of the cable is broken,,,,it was just laying inside the door.image Once you cut the cable so you can slide the window up,,,,so you can gain access to this little opening,,,,you can see this small cut out in the glass,,,,about the size of a dime,,,,there is a plastic tap that locks the window to the regulator,,,,you take a flat screwdriver and push the tap out f the hole in the glass,,,,that releases the glass from the regulator.image You leave the window glass in the window channel,,,,do not let the window slide down on its own,,,,I have seen them break,,,,,here is the old and the new,,,,you can see on the old one the cable all twisted up where the motor was.

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9 Responses to E90 rear window regulator

  1. Junior West says:

    Hello bmwtechnician. I have an E92 and my passenger side window is loose. I can pull it up and down but it still works fine. Is there a cip or something that I have to replace?


    • Thats kind of normal if you can raise the window up by hand,,,,I would be worried if the window regulator makes noise while operating,,,,like a clicking or grinding noise while opening or closing the window,,,,,,also how is the the other window,,,,can you raise them by hand the same way .,,,,there are only two things for the window operations,,,,,you have the window regulator and the motor,,,,,most of the problems are the window regulator,,,,,the motor work or it doesn’t work.


  2. Junior West says:

    I cannot pull the drivers side window up. However I can pull the passenger side window up. My problem is that with the E92 the window is supposed to go down when you open the door and go up when you close the door. My window is half an inch too low so it will not seal properly. I just got the car. Someone might have replaced the window. How would I adjust it?


    • Ok,,,,,sorry I didn’t understand,,,,ok first does the window go all the way up and then drop back down,,,,,if it does I would try and initialize the window motor and see if that helps,,,,,if that does work,,,,then you have to remove the door panel and there are a few adjustment for the window stops that you can make


    • I’m also wondering if something might be unplugged or not working,,,,because the window motor gets a signal when you open the door or close it,,,,the signal comes from the door lock actuator,,,,that could also be your problem


      • Junior West says:

        Sorry for my poor explanation. So the window goes down when I open the door and goes back up when I close the door. Just like it’s supposed to. The window goes up and down all the way and the auto window function works. My problem is that the window is always half an inch too low compared to the drivers side. I think the window might’ve got replaced before. Everything works, it’s just that the window is half an inch too low at all times. I tried to do the procedure posted on bimmerfest but it did not work. Would you have a initialization procedure that I can try? Thank you kind sir!


      • So it sounds like the window is stopping 1/2 inch before the top window seal,,,,,and you said everything else is working,,,,,the window drops when opening the door,,,,,it sounds like you have to adjust the window regulator stops so the window goes up higher


  3. Junior West says:

    Can you give me some pointers on how I can do that? I appreciate it!


    • You would have to remove the door panel and the peel off the foam insulation off the door,,,,,you may need a razor blade for the foam insulation to cut the foam insulation away from the door,,,,,then you have to inspect the operation of the window regulator and see where the stops are and adjust them


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