X3 4×4 transfer case

image Yes boys its a new transfer case for a X3 2012,,,transfer case atc450,,,,customer complaint was car feels like it jerks and skips while driving slowly and while turning in a parking lot,,,,this was very easy to duplicate,,,,the weird thing is that it wouldn’t throw a fault in the system,,,,I tried to get the car to fault while driving put it wouldn’t do it.image Here is the veg module that is bolted to the bottom of the transfer case,,,I decided to unplug the control unit and test drive,,,,my problem went away,,,I knew I found my problem.image I then replaced the transfer case which also comes with the VTG module,,,,the only thing it doesn’t come with the transfer case mount,,,,you would also have to replace the mount when replacing the transfer case,,,,this is a picture of the transfer case removed,,,this is the output shaft from the back of the transmission,,,,the transfer case just slides onto the output shaft,,,,,the transfer case is fairly easy to replace,,,,except replacing the mount,,,you need special tools,,,,also you have to program and encode the new VTG module.

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8 Responses to X3 4×4 transfer case

  1. I think your pics broke it list ,,, but not the pic


  2. Winson says:

    BMW X3 f25 when accelerate car will jerk and when apply brake until car arround 10km/h will jerk as well…when turn left or right accelerate and apply brake car seems nothing…hope you can helps!!thx


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