X5 E70 footwell module failed

image Here the footwell module on a X 5 E70,,,,it’s located right behind the front hood release lever,,,,the customer came in with a check engine light,,,,so I scanned for faults,,,while I was scanning for fault,,,,are beautiful BMW software killed the footwell module,,,,that’s the latest problem we have,,,,for some reason on X5 while scanning the car it might kill the footwell module,,,,so even if your car is out of warranty,,,BMW still has to replace the footwell module free of charge until they fix the problem.image There’s no difference between the old and new,,,there something new on the internal parts so it doesn’t happen again,,,,removing the footwell module is very easy,,,,just remove the lower panel and left side kick panel,,,,then you have to programm and encode the module.

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17 Responses to X5 E70 footwell module failed

  1. Iggy brevet says:

    Interesting what you posted. They charge me for a FMR3 for usd$1.200-°°
    Official dealer (only one) WBM in Santiago de Chile. CHE southamerica.
    So its a recall or internal problem.


    • I was doing some work on the x5,,,,and I performed a short test and scanned the computers,,,and are software here killed the FRM module,,,,so we had to replace it for the customer


  2. Raymond Wong says:

    the footwell module was fryed today after resetting the engine light and they asked me to pay 1100. I told the tech that you cant fry a module by resetting the engine light is this correct. Is this something that should be covered by BMW even for a 2010 X5


    • Yes you can fry the footwell module by resetting the check engine light,,,there is a problem with BMW software that causes the problem,,,,they should replace it on there end,,,,BMW knows there’s a problem with the software with X5.


  3. Philip Lim says:

    BMW is covering FRM’s for 8yrs/120k as part of their “extended coverage” as BMW NA is well aware of the high-rate of failure of these modules.


    • I don’t know if they are covering it for 8yrs 120k,,,,the one I replaced was out of warranty,,,but BMW knew there as a problem with software killing the FRM,,,,so we replaced it for the customer


  4. jason says:

    Was just doing scans with ISTA/D… started the car and shows lighting malfunction. ISTA now shows FRM is not responding! Whats the chance BMW would replace this??? Will call the dealership tomorrow…

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  5. justincalland says:

    bmwtech, please learn the correct usage of, our and are, their, there and they’re.


  6. Amor A Helena says:

    My FRM was not working and was replaced. Once replaced the daytime running lights would not turn on, the buttons to open the driver side window will open the passenger side window and vise versa, same thing for the back windows and also the rear view mirrors. Does anyone know what’s wrong?


  7. Kstarich says:

    My FRM was replaced and during install caused the TPMS and control unit CAS also to fail. My non-dealer BMW mechanic was not able to program the new FRM so we took it to the dealer where they were able to program it. My 3 series was fine for a few weeks and now the turn signals and other lights are not working after another warning light appeared on my dashboard. I am concerned that one module after another is going to fail. do you have any insight on this. thank you.


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