B7 valve stem

image I know a picture of a stupid tire and wheel,,,,buts it’s a fancy B7 tire and wheel,,,with  the mystery of the hidden tire stem,,,when you work on these tires and you want to put air in the tire,,,,the customer always has the special key hidden in the car somewhere,,,I can’t imagine the special work it took to design these rims. here’s a special video on how to gain access to the special valve stem so you can put air into the tire.

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4 Responses to B7 valve stem

  1. Davin from Arizona says:

    Hey Man really like your post, I’m a BMW technician as well straight out of step now for 3 months . Your post really help me out and knowledge of things i didn’t know about . I love my job and anytime I get a chance to know more these cars I take it. Thank you for taking the time out of your day at work for taking pics and posting it up . I hope to see more content from you .


  2. a.a. says:

    lol, I knew that (even before pressing “play”)
    Sign me up for tech school! 😉


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