B7 mechtronics unit

image Here the beautiful mechtronics unit off a B7 2014,,,,,customer complaint was unable to shift car into park,,,,the car would only shift in to drive,reverse and neutral,,,when that happen you also couldn’t lock the car doors,,,,because the car didn’t know it was in park and won’t lock the door.image When I checked for fault ,,,I found parking locking solenoid inop,,,,there was no test plan for this problem,,,,but we do is send Fasta data to BMW and ZF trans  people take a look at the problem,,,,when we scan the car they see more data then we do,,,,,they only let use see what they want us to see.,,,all those different colored cylinder pieces are the solenoid valves which help with shifting the car.image This is the new unit,,,,to replace a mechtronics unit we first need permission from BMW to replace,,,,if we don’t BMW will not pay the dealer for the repairs,,,,it a special unit which cost a lot of money.image This is what you see when the mechtronics unit is removed from the bottom of the trans,,,,you can see the clutch packs inside the trans,,,,there really isn’t anything else left inside the trans,,,,the mechtronics unit is the heart and soul of the trans,,,,,you have to program after replacing the  mechtronics unit,,,the job is messy and a pain in the ass some times,,,,you are working over you head and there is fluid dripping everywhere which makes it more fun.

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