E90 glove box lock actuator

image 2012 E90 glove box was stuck closed,,,,was only able to open the glove box with the key,,,,what happens the lock actuator For the glove box gets jammed,,,,sometimes you can release the actuator and it will start working again.image This is the lock actuator removed,,,,you can see the knee airbag inside the glove box,,,,that other piece you see is the lower locking mechanism which has a micro switch on it.image This is what it looks like under that piece I removed,,,,,you can see little electric motor with a gear and locking rods for the glove box,,,,sometimes the rods get jammed.image Here’s a better picture of the gear,,,,on this car I replaced the whole lock actuator,,,,this job is real easy to perform.

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6 Responses to E90 glove box lock actuator

  1. Nissy says:


    Thanks for sharing. I have a wird sound in the glove box when i lock the car do you know what i mean i dropped on youtube bmw m3 stramge sound tilte.

    Like to hear from you


  2. Nissy says:

    Hi i solved this one thanks.

    Disconnetct the motor.

    But know i see my left mirror moving when i lock unlock the doors realy strange.
    Do you may know where i can look for this problem when i start the car i must place the mirror in the right possition again,.

    Grrets nussy


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