N20 turbo oil leaking

image Ok I know I have posted these type of pictures before,,,,but you guys keep asking for more of them,,,,this is the exhaust side of a N20 turbo,,,,you can see on the exhaust turbo blades oil on the blades,,,this is the sign of a bad turbo,,,,the seal inside  the turbo is letting oil past the exhaust turbo blades.image Here you can see the oil spraying off the exhaust turbo blade and onto the exhaust housing,,,,and from there it goes to the catalytic converter,,,,,,then you get the smoke coming out the exhaust during cold start,,,,if it gets real bad you might see smoke during acceleration,,,,,this car I replaced both the turbo and updated with the new oil feed line.

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6 Responses to N20 turbo oil leaking

  1. Faiq says:

    Can this potentially be s serious problem or is it just a minor smoke issue at start up… THANKS


  2. Faiq says:

    Thanks, do they have to take the engine out to do the repair? My car still under warranty till 2018


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