E90 vanos gears

image I haven’t seen this in awhile,,,,E 90 intake vanos gear bolt all broken off,,,customer said car stopped running,,,I wonder why,,,,customer never came in for the vanos gear bolt recall,,,the exhaust vanos had 2 bolt broken.image I don’t know if you can see it,,,,but on the intake vanos you can see the bolt stud part still in there,,,,and it got jammed between the gear.image Here are the old and the new vanos gears,,,the only difference is the new one already have the new updated gear bolts.image Seen the vanos gear bolt broke off,,,,I had to pin the motor on 1 cylinder,,,,I have always had a problem with the way BMW has you pin a motor,,,,it’s not the easiest place to pin a motor and you are working blindly,,,the place where you have to pin a motor is right under the starter motor at the flywheel,,,,,,you are doing it by feel and you have to make sure you are pined correctly,,,,many techs have done this wrong,,,,and then the engine won’t start,,,,here are the timing lock out tools for the camshafts and vanos gears sensor,,,you must make sure they are sitting flat and secured while timing the engine,,,,also once you are done,,,,you rotate the engine counterclockwise 1 time,,,the make sure the timing lock out tools fit properly without any adjustments,,,,and this car I also removed the oil pan to remove some of the broken pieces that fell into oil pan,,,,so after all she got new vanos gears,,,valve cover gasket,,,and new oil pan gasket during the recall.

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