F30 car accident

image I know some of you guys like to see this stuff,,,so here is a F30 with a little front accident ,,,,not to bad on damage,,,,front bumper,headlight and left front fender,,,,the front hood might be saved,,,,the rim and tire are also damaged,,,,I wasn’t able to see underneath the car for any damages.image Now for the good stuff,,,notice the driver airbag and side head airbag were deployed,,,that’s BMW safety for you,,,,this is one of the reasons to drive a BMW,,,,the special engineering in safety for the driver and passengers in case of a accident.

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2 Responses to F30 car accident

  1. Zahir says:

    Thats an F10 5 series not an F30 3 series , Agree with you on the safety though! Brilliant cars!


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