E70 X5 drivers airbag

image Ok latest on more airbag recall,,,,like we don’t have enough of them already,,,,this one is for E70 X5 drivers airbag inside the steering wheel,,,,here you can see I popped off the airbag,,,which sometimes can be a pain in the ass,,,,there are two spring clips that you have to push back to release the airbag,,,you push back those spring clips by working blindly,,,it’s all about feel.image Here’s the new airbag igniter part,,,the recall is not the whole airbag ,,,just the igniter part.image The igniter is only bolted up with those 4 nuts,,,and the airbag snaps back onto the steering wheel and you are done,,,,is little job only pays 30 minutes,,,,most of these recalls don’t pay anything.

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