X3 2014 door lock actuator

image The removal of front passenger door panel on a 2014 X3,,,,the passengers door lock was inop,,,the door won’t lock or unlock with the key remote or with the central lock button,,,,to remove the door panel,,,you have to remove the grab handle cover and the pull handle cover.image Also don’t and I mean don’t forget the two lowers crews at the bottom of the door panel,,,I have seen guys try and pull off the door panel without removing these screws,,,,and ripping holes damaging the door panels.image Here I’m removing the door lock actuator,,,the nice part about this is you don’t have to remove the window glass or the window regulator,,,,,you are able to snake it out with a little work.image Here is the new on the right and the old,,,,I like to match up the new and the old,,,,to make sure they are the same before I replace it,,,,the good thing is no programming when replacing the door lock actuator.

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2 Responses to X3 2014 door lock actuator

  1. JC says:

    First out of warranty issue. YAY !!!

    F32 (2015).

    The driver side door doesn’t always unlock when employing the double-pull (unlock..then open). If I pull quickly it works, pull slowly it won’t.

    Any suggestions on which part is causing the problem?


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