F15 X5 PDC harness

image This is the front lower grill on a F15 X5,,,customer was complaining about the PDC inoperable,,,,,both front and rear are not working,,,,,I checked for faults and found both left front and left front outer sensors were short circuit,,,,,as you can see the harness is hanging behind the bumper.image You can see the harness got cut and damaged,,,the harness got damaged because the customer hit something and broke the lower grill,,,,the PDC harness attached to the grill,,,when the grill got hit it pulled and cut the harness.image Just repaired the harness and the system was operating again.

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2 Responses to F15 X5 PDC harness

  1. David says:

    Hey there! Just discovered your blog and have been reading every single one of them! I am also a mechanic working at a BMW dealership, here in the Northern California area. You got me interested in starting to track any unusual diagnostics when dealing with beemers. I might start a blog as well! Keep it up and pls keep them coming!


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