B48 new fuel injectors

image The BMW fuel injector mystery still continues,,,I saw these new fuel injector at BMW school,,,,we tore the engine down to see the new changes,,,,,these are the new B48 engine fuel injector,,,,these are the same fuel injectors on all the new B style engines,,,,do you notice anything about these injectors,,,,there is no threads on the top of the injector,,,,the fuel line does not clip on or screw on,,,,it is a ball socket press fit,,,,I know crazy idea.image Notice the round ball fitting on the fuel injector,,,,notice the fuel injector collar which holds the fuel injector into place,,,,that collar just 90 degree twist off.image Here the new fuel rail,,,see that machined cupped area,,,that’s where the ball socket on the fuel injector sit in,,,,and the 2 other holes bolt on to the fuel injector collar and pulls the injector into the fuel rail holding into place,,,,will have to see how well these new fuel injectors will work.

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18 Responses to B48 new fuel injectors

  1. ALEX LUNG says:

    Hi there, do you know if replacing fuel injectors for F10/F11 with N52N engine require coding for the new injectors? Many thanks!


  2. ALEX LUNG says:

    Thanks a lot!


  3. john says:

    are the B46 and B48 injectors interchangeable. In other words can the New B46 injectors be used in a B48?


  4. John says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have 2014 320 f30 i had continuous problem while starting the car when the engine is warm , the RPM starts to fall as if the engine is going to turn off then after couple of seconds everything is normal , i had the car checked and they found this error ” fuel mixture too rich ” they suspected ( oxygen sensor , faulty fuel injectors , exhaust gas leak , faulty mass air flow sensor MAF) all of this was replaced and the same issue still persist. Please tell me your opinion really matters for me.


    • Wow they replaced a lot of parts already,,,,my first thought was the Air mass meter but that was replaced,,,have they checked the fuel pressure,,,,you might have a fuel pressure issue from the fuel tank or the high pressure fuel pump on the engine,,,,also see if they can smoke test the intake system to make sure there are no leaks,,,,I hope this helps


      • John says:

        Thanks for your reply , they did the smoke test today no leak found, still same issue and”fuel mixture to rich” appeared again.


      • Have they checked the fuel pressure from the gas tank,,,,also if they can check the high pressure fuel pump might be supply to much fuel to the injectors,,,,hey I just though of this did they put the correct fuel injector in the car,,,,if you put the wrong one in you could have a rich fuel mixture


      • John says:

        I don’t think they checked the pressure from the gas tank, i will inform them to do so hope this fix the issue.
        i will keep you updated.
        Thanks for your time and continuous support.


  5. Hi there, I was wondering if you have any information about the AFR targets on the B48 in different tunes. Based on readouts of the AFR and Commanded AFR / Target AFR from the OBD2, these cars seem to be running very lean (14.5/14.6-area) even during high throttle and high rpms. The B48 has become a popular engine to tune with piggyback systems, say tuning the 320i-spec engine to 330i-spec levels. Would you recommend reduce the AFR (richer) when tuning the B48 engine, or will it still be okay at the factory levels? Thank you in advance!


  6. Wade Rees says:

    Hi, I’m a technician at a BMW dealer in Victoria, Australia.

    I’m currently hunting down a fuel leak from these same injectors/rail on a B48. Fuel sitting in the injector ports.
    Theres nothing obvious that would cause the leak like a loose clamp or pipe union.
    No information available on our aftersales information resource.
    My only guess is the injectors we’re accidentally loosened at another dealer and torque up incorrectly.

    What’s your opinion? I think the new clamp/cup and cone design is rubbish.

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    • Lol,,,yes the new cup and cone design is shit,,,,I got into a big argument with BMW on how bad that design is,,,,,you might have to loosen the fuel rail and start all over and torque down the injectors again,,,,you might also have a bad cup or cone.


      • Wade Rees says:

        Replaced all bolts and teflon seals, torqued to exact sequence, still leaked. 🥴

        Turns out that one of the injectors had a severe leak externally, pinhole or a crack that couldn’t be seen by eye. All fixed now. It’s still a rubbish design in my opinion compared to the old pipe/common rail design.


      • I totally agree,,,glad it’s fixed


  7. CaliVasilescu says:

    I don’t see a problem with the top connector. The thread at the bottom is important because it holds against high pressure air but on top the connector holds against very high pressure fluid. But fluid is incompressible and there is little risk of damaging anything if the connector fails but probably it won’t.


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