B48 new fuel injectors

image The BMW fuel injector mystery still continues,,,I saw these new fuel injector at BMW school,,,,we tore the engine down to see the new changes,,,,,these are the new B48 engine fuel injector,,,,these are the same fuel injectors on all the new B style engines,,,,do you notice anything about these injectors,,,,there is no threads on the top of the injector,,,,the fuel line does not clip on or screw on,,,,it is a ball socket press fit,,,,I know crazy idea.image Notice the round ball fitting on the fuel injector,,,,notice the fuel injector collar which holds the fuel injector into place,,,,that collar just 90 degree twist off.image Here the new fuel rail,,,see that machined cupped area,,,that’s where the ball socket on the fuel injector sit in,,,,and the 2 other holes bolt on to the fuel injector collar and pulls the injector into the fuel rail holding into place,,,,will have to see how well these new fuel injectors will work.

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5 Responses to B48 new fuel injectors

  1. ALEX LUNG says:

    Hi there, do you know if replacing fuel injectors for F10/F11 with N52N engine require coding for the new injectors? Many thanks!


  2. ALEX LUNG says:

    Thanks a lot!


  3. john says:

    are the B46 and B48 injectors interchangeable. In other words can the New B46 injectors be used in a B48?


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