F86 X6M front end ticking noise

image Ok what in the hell is this,,,it’s called a friction washer,,,I had a F86 X6M,,,,,customer said he hears a ticking noise from the front end while turning and sometimes while braking,,,,I test drove the vehicle and the was definitely a ticking noise coming from both front tires while turning in a parking lot area,,,,this is a friction washer to stop this problem.image So I have to remove both front brake disc rotors and sand and clean the mating side of the rotor to wheel hub.image This is what it looked like after I used sandpaper to clean the surface,,,,but we did not clean the wheel bearing hub,,,,don’t know why this was BMW request to not sand the surface of the wheel bearing hub.image This is the friction washer placed on the wheel bearing hub,,,that friction washer get sandwiched between the brake disc rotor and wheel bearing hub,,,,I have to say the noise was gone after the repairs.

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6 Responses to F86 X6M front end ticking noise

  1. a.a. says:

    Have you seen his problem in other vehicles?


  2. BMW Enthusiast says:

    Hello BMW tech. I’ve been noticing a ticking sound on my car. I uploaded a video. If you can take a look that would be awesome! 328i Coupe N51 Engine. http://tinypic.com/r/250jeo4/9 Thank you!


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