F10 wrapped brake rotors

image Some of you have asked me about brake shimmy,,,these are front brake rotors on a F10,,,BMW has use measure the brake rotors in 8 different places.image You can see the one brake rotor almost all the measurements are the same,,,and on the other one you can see a .4 difference of thickness,,,,,that is enough to cause a brake shimmy while braking,,,,and it only takes one brake rotor to be warpped.,,,,BMW doesn’t have use turn brake rotors yet,,,,and I mean yet,,,,there is word BMW is thinking about having us turn brake rotors in the future.

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4 Responses to F10 wrapped brake rotors

  1. Warren says:

    Thanks for the information. So this warped rotor is not covered under the original or CPO warranty?


  2. BMW Company give 4 years warranty for this brake rotor. In the given picture almost all the measurements are same. The only difference I can see in thickness that helps in breaking.


    • In those pictures the one rotor the measurement are almost the same,,,,but in the second rotor picture the measurement are further apart which is the warpped rotor and which causes the steering wheel to shake while braking,,,,it doesn’t take much to cause a warped rotor 23.8mm to 23.5mm is enough to cause problems


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