Defect tire

image This kind of sucks,,,we just installed this new tire on the car and it started to split.image At least it happened at the dealership,,,,you just hate to see this happen,,,especially when these run flat tires are so expensive,,,,there must have been a defect in the tire that caused the tire to split like that.

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6 Responses to Defect tire

  1. SH says:


    We would like to seek permission to use your image. Could you drop me an email so that I can provide more details? Thanks!


  2. kr4va says:

    question; how do we ask about a new subj; dont know how to do that


  3. kr4va says:

    i just didnt know where the new subj should go
    battery maintainer; is it ok to leave the AGM maintainer on the car when parked. i dont know what the charging system thinks about that


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