Cheap oil filter

image We have a nice oil leak here,,,,your typical customer who thinks he’s doing the right thing.image You can see the oil went on to the drive belt and start spraying oil everywhere,,,,this is a N20 engine,,,,I know I have talked about this till I’m blue in the face,,,,your typical cheap oil filter and o-ring.image  This is what’s left of the oil filter,,,,the whole oil filter fell in to pieces,,,,,it just came apart in my hands,,,,,notice the bad green oil filter o-rings,,,,I don’t know how many of these I have seen with this green o-ring that is not working,,,,the o-ring is to soft rubber and gets real rubbery,,,,and looses it’s shape,,,,please don’t use cheap oil filters it’s not worth it ok.

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8 Responses to Cheap oil filter

  1. What’s your take on all the filter paper and crud plugging up the clean oil passages?
    This is why you never buy a used BMW unless there’s proof of dealership oil changes!


    • It’s the stupid cheap oil filter out there,,,,you can buy a good German brand oil filter for a couple dollars more,,,,it when they go to the jiffy lube,,,cheap oil change places,,,,you get what you pay for.


  2. Actually a lot of times you don’t. I’ve seen many garages charge $129 for a BMW oil change which costs $130 at the dealer. Junk filter one used on a friends car, Pro-Guard value line from Wix, disintegrated within 7500 miles. I advised her to get rid of that car as I can’t imagine that disintegrated paper chunks in the oil passages is too good for oil flow. Ever see paper build up in the holes when you’re taking apart failed engines?


  3. Ned says:

    No matter what car, it is always a good idea to get the filter from the dealer. Original filters are built to a spec while aftermarket ones are built to a price. Really enjoy your blog, coming from 18 years in an E39 and now with a 2013 328i….Ned


  4. John Duffett says:

    Do you think it’s ok to change over from BMW 5w-30 ll to Mobile 1 0w-40?
    2014 X5 Sdrive35


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