N62 valve stem seal

image Here a N62 engine,,,and we are replacing valve stem seals,,,as you can notice we have both camshaft  out for bank 2,,,, and both vanes units are out,,,,we the remove spark plugs,,,,we then add air to each cylinder one at a time,,,,when we add air to the cylinder,,,that helps keep the valves up when we release the valve spring to replace the valve stem seals,,,,yes I have seen a valve drop,,,,I have also been lucky enough to retrieve it without removing the cylinder head.image Here the other side bank 1 ,,,,which will be next,,,,I like to do one side at a time,,,I don’t like to have to many parts lying around,,,,I would rather complete one side then start on the other side,,,,at the dealer we are see less and less of the N62 engines.

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10 Responses to N62 valve stem seal

  1. rene Castillo says:

    what’s your opinion on the AGA tool?
    I need to do same job and i was thinking to get tool kit.


  2. Ninja_zx11 says:

    Noticed you are using Cylinder leak down tester and wow almost no leakage at all.Both left and right gauges are reading same.How much mileage on the engine.Thanks


  3. rene Castillo says:

    how do you remove valve springs ,any special tools ?


  4. EO says:

    How did you retrieve the dropped valve when trying to replace the seal. What tool did you use to fish out the valve stem.


    • Sorry there is no tool to pull the valve back out,,,,,if it is the intake valve you might take off the intake manifold and the reach inside with you fingers and push it back up,,,,if that doesn’t work then you have to take off the cylinder head sorry


  5. Bryan Flores says:

    What are the symptoms of valve stem seals going bad? If my 2007 E60 550i idles too long i get light blue smoke from the exhaust; I suspect this is what is going on since most everything else has been replaced on it. Also, how many average hours does it take to do this job?


    • Ok if you let it idle for about 15 to 20 minutes then rev the engine real quick to 3500-4000 rpm and you get a blue smoke coming out the exhaust you have bad valve stem seals,,,,the average is about 35 to 40 hours if they drop the engine and transmission and remove both cylinder heads,,,,,now it’s cheaper if someone drops the engine and transmission and has a special tool to just replace the valve stem seal without removing both heads should be about 25-30 hr


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