Front outer cv boot leaking

image Look what I found today,,,we don’t see this too much anymore,,,this is a 535GT X Drive,,,the left front outer cv boot is torn and spraying grease all over the place,,,,we use to see this a lot with the first X5 E53,,,,,this was a common problem with those cars.image You can see it just spray grease everywhere,,,the worst part about this job is the clean up,,,,these new plastic type cv boots really never tear or leak,,,,this is very unusual for this type of car it only has 50k miles.imageyou can see the grease got onto the brake caliper,,,,also I found it on the brake pads,,,,so we replaced them also due to a safety issue.

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2 Responses to Front outer cv boot leaking

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi, I just came from the dealer, they replaced the passenger front axel on my 528 xI 2013. First they said the boot was torn and I accepted to only change that, but during the job the mechanic saw 2 bearing balls missing and said the whole axel needs to be replaced. My Qs: how often does this happen, what could have caused it and how come I drove without hearing any noise? Thanks!


    • How often does this happen,,,never I have never seen that,,,,also each joint has 5 ball bearing and if only 1 is missing you will hear a noise I can’t imagine if 2 ball bearing are missing how much noise that axle would make,,,,I hate say it but it sounds like bullsh*t


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