M5 spark plugs

image Here your typical 2014  M5 engine,,,yea right good times,,,spark plugs are due,,,,what a pain in the ass,,,,you have to remove both DME units and the turbo coolant resvoir to gain access to the spark plugs.image Here you can see I disconnect the DME connection,,,,but I leave the coolant lines connected to the DME,,,,I don’t want to crack open the coolant lines if I don’t have to,,,,if you disconnect the coolant line,,,,then you have more clean up and coolant bleeding.image Here you can see I have access to both rear spark plugs ,,,,once the DME is removed,,,,you leave the DME mounting plate inside the car,,,,no need to remove this DME bracket,,,,,this really isn’t that bad,,,,you just have to be patient and take your time.

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6 Responses to M5 spark plugs

  1. Brian A. says:

    How many hours is this job? Median charge to customer?


  2. Simon says:

    Hi Andreas, just one question when I see the Lambda Probe on the top of the engine. Do you have any Idea how to remove it when it is to tight? Tried it allready with WD40 and also with hot engine. Also my special tool is bending. Tried it with up to 80NM Torque lt loose. It was fixed some months ago with 50NM (=BMW Rule) Thank you very much! BR Simon


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