X5 E70 blower motor

image This was interesting,,,X5 E70,,,,,customer said the a/c blower was noisy ,,,,,sure enough it sounded like a thumping noise behind the dash,,,so I removed the blower which sit on the passenger’s side under the dash behind the glovebox area,,,,and look what I found,,,,almost half of the fan blades were gone.,,,,,lol.image After almost 31 years doing this job,,,,I have yet to see this,,,I have seen them bent,wrapped ,,,,but not come apart like that,,,I had to fish out all the broken pieces inside the heater core box area.

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4 Responses to X5 E70 blower motor

  1. Brian A. says:

    What year is this X5? A poorly designed part? Where did the blade fragments go while the owner used the A/C unit?


  2. Sam says:

    It seems like I have a blower motor problem in my 2015 X3. It was preplaced exactly a year ago after it started making humming noises. I am going to check it with my dealer soon since it starting making that noise again but in your experience is it a known problem with X3s? Or is it possibly just me?


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