I8 no front hood shocks

image Ok here the very expensive I8,,,,BMW cutting edge car with all the winged doors open.image Here the front hood open,,,,which BMW says you must open and close using 2 people,,,,or you can damage the front hood,,,,notice the front radiator and the fan,,,,with the radiator ducting exiting out the front hood vents.image This is what I see as funny for a $100k plus car,,,,first it kind of weird that you need 2 people to open the front hood,,,,second do you notice that blue handle screwdriver put inside the front hood hinge,,,,,yes that how you keep the front hood open,,,,a $100k plus car and no front hood shocks?,,,,I guess we tried to save money hahahaha,,,,BMW idea was that the customer has no need to open the front hood,,,,there’s no storage,no engine,there’s nothing for the customer to see or check out,,,,,so no front hood shocks.

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10 Responses to I8 no front hood shocks

  1. kr4va says:

    designed during October fest for sure, at lest they could throw them in the trunk for us to put on.


    • That would be nice,,,,but the front hood is so fragile ,,,,that’s why it takes 2 people to open and close the front hood,,,,the front hood flexes and doesn’t close or open evenly


      • kr4va says:

        just wanting to know if i can send you an email and how to do so


      • Sorry I don’t give out my personal e-mail,,,,you can ask me anything on this site,,,,I hope I can help you


      • kr4va says:

        understand, report from dealer on my 2011 328 with the steering knock ( while going slow turning wheel back and forth) is that it cannot be fixed. they have replaced the lower knuckle and it only worked for 4 mo. they said that they most if not all e90 have the problem and its part of the design for the steering shaft to collapse in crash.. THIS IS TOTALLY ANNOYING GOING DOWN THE DRIVE EACH DAY AND HEARING THE KNOCK. have you any exp or advise of the issue , thanks you sir


      • Yes I have seen it,,,it’s usually the steering knuckle,,,,can you feel the knocking noise in the steering wheel,,,,see if you can get someone to rock the steering wheel back and forth,,,,and you can hold the steering column shaft inside the the engine compartment,,,,see if you can feel the knocking in the steering column,,,,,,maybe the lower joint is bad.

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      • kr4va says:

        the lower joint was replaced sometime ago. And the knock went away.. which means the shaft they replaced with the knuckle is wearing?? IDK if the shaft came with the knuckle?
        the excess clearance appears to be in the shaft at the upper engine area or under the dash.. i can lift up and down on the shaft and feel it move. this was the service foreman’s response as well, he said( it has to have the clearance for the collapsible shaft system) HOW DOES THE REST OF THE WORLD MAKE THEM WITHOUT THE KNOCK? they say they can fix E90’s that do that. the knock drives my wife crazy,, thank you


      • Yes the movement is for the collapse steering shaft in case of a accident,,,,,,they shouldn’t make noise.


  2. kr4va says:

    should have said “they cannot fix E90’s”


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