E46 drivers airbag recall

image Look what finally got delivered from BMW ,,,,,we are finally getting the drivers airbag recalls in for the E46,,,,,this has been a long wait for a lot of people.image Here the other side,,,,it came with the wiring harness for the airbag.image The one on the right side is the old,,,,so I have to remove and swap over the metal bracket and the MFL buttons that sit on both sides of the airbag,,,,the swapping of all these airbags BMW wants the new serial number to keep track of what is installed what car.

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12 Responses to E46 drivers airbag recall

  1. Francis Rock says:

    Hi Andreas, I’ve just had my recall and I have a question – did the new airbag have a new black cover with the BMW insignia disc, and what was the year of manufacture. Are these still Takata?
    I would be very grateful for your answer.


    • It all depends on what steering wheel you have,,,,the sport steering wheel or standard steering wheel,,,,yes one of them came with new black cover with emblem,,,,and the other style just replace the ignitor part behind the steering wheel,,,,I don’t remember which one get what.


    • Yes they are still Takata airbags


      • Francis Rock says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. Am I correct in thinking that the sports one is circular, whilst the standard is the four-cornered type? If that is the case, your photograph above seems to show that the standard one came with the new black cover and emblem. Mine is the standard one. My concern is that I have had a recall/replacement, but although I didn’t check before the recall appointment, I have checked the airbag afterwards, and on the metal circle/square centrepiece, between the two terminals it states ‘Herstellungsjahr 1999
        meaning production year 1999! I’m afraid that the garage didn’t do the replacement at all! If they replaced the ignitor on the other hand, as you say, would this old plate have been reinstalled? What other way can I check that they have actually carried out the replacement? Many thanks again!


      • You are correct the 1999 is the date of the airbag,,,,some of the airbag did not not the recall we would inspect them and if they had a white label on the back then those airbags were ok and no replacement were needed,,,,that might be your case,,,,,did the dealer say they replaced the airbag or did they say the airbag was ok and no replacement needed.


  2. Francis Rock says:

    Thank you again. I spoke with the customer service guy who assured me yesterday that the airbag had been replaced. I phoned him today again with my concern about exactly what work had been done, and also that my own scanner was still showing the same fault – ‘airbag, driver, Stage 2’. He became somewhat confused, and said he would get the mechanic to phone me tomorrow with all the detail, at the end of the conversation, referring to the ‘passenger airbag’! I told him that this had been (supposedly) replaced in the last recall 2 years ago, and that this recall was for the driver airbag. He just said the mechanic would call me. BTW, there is a white label with a barcode beginning BAAL stuck to the silver circle/square. I get what you’re saying – possibly mine did not require replacement, although I would be much happier if they’d then checked further for presumably a wiring fault in the firing circuit and put that to right, instead of telling me they replaced the airbag, not fixing an obvious fault and letting me drive away. If I have to fix this myself, I suppose it is now a wiring fault, do I have to remove the steering wheel to get at the ‘clockspring’? I will get back with the mechanic’s information.


  3. BMWFAN says:

    Hello BMWTech, I have the airbag recall for my 2011 E92. I was wondering how long it takes it replace those and what do you have to take off? How many hours do you get paid for it? I have the standard steering wheel.


  4. Francis Rock says:

    Hi there again, sorry for the delay in getting back with my promised response. At the end of it all, and all the to-ing and fro-ing, I was informed – contrary to what I was originally told, the airbag had not been replaced at all. Instead when they checked it, it had a BAM number which was one of those NOT to be replaced. This was after I was able to tell them that the airbag which had been ‘replaced’, had the same number as the replacement! What to do with these people?
    If you want the BAM numbers involved, I will forward these, however this is probably no longer a current issue – My car is now seventeen and a half years old.. I am still no nearer a solution to my airbag problem Many thanks for all your help.


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