Dynamic drive system dance

I always think this is pretty cool,,,,this is a 2015 650 gran touring,,,,this is calibrating the dynamic drive system,,,,,it’s really amazing on how the sway-bar and the DSC system and pump,,,,can build enough pressure to make the car dance like that,,,,now you can imagine how it works when we are driving,,,,now you know why are big sedans handle so well.

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6 Responses to Dynamic drive system dance

  1. Northwest says:

    Hello BMWTech!

    I have a 2011 328i coupe. The front end squeaks over speed bumps when it gets cold outside. So I changed the sway bar bushings. However, when I took the bushings off, big pieces of the bushing was stuck to the sway bar. I had to use a razor blade for 20 minutes to cut it off. Any input? Does this happen all the time? And do these commonly squeak? Thank you and happy holidays!


  2. Northwest says:

    Okay I will try that, but I replaced it with OEM BMW sway bar bushings. Also I want to mention, when I car was in for broken VANOS units, the dealer did an inspection and found that the thrust arm bushings are worn and leaking. Do they cause squeaking noise over bumps? This only happens over speed bumps. Thank you.


    • The thrust arms do cause a knocking noise while applying the brakes,,,they can cause a squeaking noise while turning your wheel,,,,I have yet heard them squeak over bumps,,,,but anything is possible,,,,get someone to push up and down on the front bumper area to try a duplicate the noise so you can find out where it is coming from.


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