E93 turbo boost pipe

image Starting to see more of this,,,E93 2010 N54,,,,,check engine light on,,,customer said car has no power,,,,the fault was low turbo boost,,,checked all the vacuum hoses,,,,I was unable to perform a turbo boost test,,,because the car had the DCT trans,,,,the software could not perform the turbo boost test because for the transmission,,,,,so I decided to smoke test the intake system,,,,and this is what I found,,,,the intake charge pipe disconnected and broken,,,,we are finding out some of these cars are modified the software,,,,,the software is to boost the turbo pressure causing the intake pipe to break and come off the throttle body.,,,,can we say too much boost,,,,,we all love to much boost in a car.

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2 Responses to E93 turbo boost pipe

  1. Brandon says:

    this seems like a good problem to have. 🙂

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