X1 2016 sunshade

image We have a big problem,,,the new X1 2016 the sunshade will not retract,,,,,make it a little hard to see out the rear view mirror,,,,lol.image I know it’s hard to see,,,the car had all black interior,,,,you can see I hope that the whole headliner has to come out for the repairs.image Here the whole sunroof cassette had to be removed after we removed the headliner,,,the automatic sunshade is bolted in at the rear of the sunroof cassette,,,,,you can see the metal spring for the sunshade came apart on both sides.image Here the new one,,,it comes already  spring-loaded,,,we just have to feed the sunshade through the guide rails.,,,,these jobs are a pain in the butt,,,,especially since you have to take apart all the interior panels,,,these jobs just don’t pay,,,we lose are butt on these job,,,they just pay 5hrs.

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