Rear engine seal

image Some of you my have heard this noise on your engine,,,,sometime on BMW your venting system on your valve cover might go bad,,,,and when it does you may hear a hooting/chirping noise at idle,,,,,and when you release the oil cap the noise goes away,,,,that tells us is that the valve cover has gone bad,,,,so we replace the valve cover and the noise should go away,,,,but not all the time,,,,some time the valve cover does damage to the rear engine seal by sucking it in,,,,and sucking air past the seal causing that hooting/chirping noise.image Here the old seal removed,,,sometime when the old seal gets sucked in it very hard to remove,,,,I found out just drill a couple small holes in it ,,,,and screw     a small screw into it,,,,then take some pliers and grab the screw,,,,now you have some to pull on and take the rear engine seal out.

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2 Responses to Rear engine seal

  1. SD BMW says:

    Thanks for the posting. It must be a big job. Do you remove the transmission or the engine to perform this job? How much would it cost if it’s out of pocket?


    • That rear seal was on a 6 cylinder engine,,,,the seal doesn’t cost that much,,,the whole cost is labor,,,probably about 6 hours labor on a 6 cylinder,,,,,,8 cylinder cars about 8 hours labor,,,,4 cylinder engines about 5 hours


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