F10 headlight assembly

image F10 headlight,,,customer complaint was the adaptive headlight was inop,,,,I found the right side headlight cover in the rear was off,,,,and water got inside the headlight,,,,and damaged the headlight module and connectors inside the headlight,,,,so both those holes on the bottom of the headlight,,,,with the wiring coming out of them,,,,that’s  where the LED halo ring bulbs go,,,,so on these headlight,,,individual halo rings can go out on these LED headlights.image Here the turn signal LED unit,,,,this just bolts into the rear of the headlight.image Ok this is the backside of the turn signal LED,,,,you see that funny gray sealant,,,,you can also see that stuff where the LED halo ring get bolted in,,,,,this stuff came from the factory.image So for the new headlight make sure you get new seals for the LED modules,,,,so no water gets inside the headlight an again,,,,with the new headlight modules,,,you have to encode the modules and also perform a calibration of the headlights and LED light,,,if you don’t calibrate them the LED lights won’t work,,,,yes I know the stupidest thing I have seen,,,,BMW over engineering.

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6 Responses to F10 headlight assembly

  1. Veljan Jupi says:

    Hi, this happened to my f10 and all but the dipped beam dont work on driver headlight! I didnt tighten the car enough and popped off and go wet! Can the module be saved or do i need a new one? The vertical aim works and rarely the adaptive headlights work too.


  2. Veljan says:

    Would the connections on the headlight be damaged or just the module?


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