M3 and M4 rear differential

image Ok this is for you M3,M4 junkies,,,,this is a new rear differential,,,there is a recall on a very small windows of M3 and M4 car,,,,it just a 2 month window,,,,a manufacturer defect.,,,,so we have to replace the whole rear differential.image Here some new technical for the rear differential,,,,you notice the two white paint marks,,,,they have to be aligned when putting in the new rear differential,,,,the rear differential and the bitchin  carbon fiber driveshaft is all balanced,,,,if you don’t align the paint marks you will damage the rear differential and driveshaft,,,,also that big driveshaft nut,,,,once you tighten it you must let it dry for 3 hour with a special lock tight glue before you drive it.image Here’s that Bitchin carbon fiber driveshaft,,,,make sure you don’t scratch it,,,because that will damage the fibers and could cause a big problem down the road.image Also notice the big cooling fins to keep it nice and cool while racing on the track.

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9 Responses to M3 and M4 rear differential

  1. Brian A. says:

    Is the carbon fibre drive shaft protected during daily driving? Often times, I encounter debris in on the motorway that can’t always be avoided.


  2. lefty-tighty says:

    Me and my brother are having a discussion about how to remove the BMW driveshafts that are attached using that nut arrangement shown above (it’s on a ’17 F25). So if you are under the vehicle and “hang” a wrench down from the 6 sided nut, you have to turn the wrench (with a lot of torque) towards the passenger side of the vehicle right? Thx, this site is very entertaining and informative!


    • My first question why do we want to remove the driveshaft?,,,,and second I don’t remember I always look at repair instructions on that because if you turn it the wrong way you could damage the rear diff


  3. Dnav says:

    Any tips on how to replace the driveshaft nut once the shaft is removed? Newtis says it’s one time use, but I can’t find anything about how to r&r the nut.


    • Once you have the driveshaft removed you can remove the nut,,,,,when you get the new one it’s easy to see how the old one comes out,,,,it just pulls right out,,,,that is a very weird design,,,,you better have the right tools to loosen that nut,,,,if you don’t you can cause a lot of damage to the rear differential


      • Dnav says:

        Thanks for the reply. I had no issue removing the drive shaft to replace the clutch on my 6mt, but i didn’t have a new nut handy, and it’s wasn’t immediately obvious (without a replacement) how to r&r it properly, so I reused the nut without issue. However now I need to replace the rear diff bushing, so I figure it would be a good time to follow the spec and replace the nut.

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  4. Luc Lapierre says:


    do you know the range of VIN numbers that were subject to this recall?



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